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"Never give up on something that you can't go a day without thinking about."

- Winston Churchill

Thank you for stopping by to learn more about us and our search. We hope this page conveys how grateful we are for the opportunity to adopt and how much we look forward to growing our family through the miracle of adoption.

Home: Who We Are



Hi! I’m Jenna. Lover of shopping, hiking, baking, and home decor. I will never say no to ice cream and I am on a quest to find the  perfect donut. Growing up in Arizona, I can appreciate good Mexican food and a great  sunset.  I have been a hairdresser for almost thirteen years. In this career I have been able to help people’s inner beauty shine outward. That’s the best part of my job! I have loved getting to know my clients through the years. I have been blessed to have a large extended family who have loved and supported me in all of my endeavors. The best part of being a part of a large family is being an aunt to seven nieces and one nephew. I have always loved children of any age and have felt divinely called to be a mother since I was a child. I am so grateful for the life I have been blessed with and cannot wait to be a mother!

COLTON says...

I've never met another person that dedicates their life to the service of others more than Jenna. Her simple words of kindness and genuine love for children has blessed the lives of many. It's not uncommon for me to get a phone call from her telling me that she is on her way to help someone in need. Jenna has a sense of humor that can bring a smile when it may be hard to smile. Always looking for the positive from the challenges life can bring. She is a very faithful and spiritual individual. Her passion for motherhood and children is divine. Not a day goes by that I am not inspired by her to be a little better. She is the love of my life!



Hello, I’m Colton. I was born and raised on a a small farm in Utah, with three younger sisters. A childhood memory I will never forget is the night my Grandfather helped me bring home a pot bellied pig I found while reading the classifieds in the newspaper. Looking back on it I don’t remember my parents being too happy with us that night. I’ve always had a passion for animals, especially horses. This passion for horses continues to grow daily with a career as an equine veterinarian. I am fascinated with technology and how advancements in technology have shaped veterinary medicine today. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. Jenna and I enjoy attending concerts, rodeos, and trying the new restaurant in town. My life has been greatly blessed by a loving Heavenly Father. I look forward to the blessings that will come into our lives as we grow our family through adoption.

JENNA says...

When I think of Colton the first thing that comes to mind is how humble and sincere he is. He will always help anyone who needs a hand no matter what. He is always willing to put his needs aside to better someone else’s life.  He is driven, motivated, and loyal. Colton loves his family  with everything he has.  If there is a crying baby, he is the one to rock it to sleep. With 9 nieces he has painted fingernails, braided hair, and even endured hair clips and bows in his hair. He is a natural with children. He loves to do all things farm with his 3 nephews. Colton is loving, kind hearted, and most of all my better half.  He finds joy in the little things like riding horses, singing country music at the top of his lungs, or a great Dr. Pepper. Loving Colton and being the recipient of his love has changed my life.

Home: What We Do


Help us find our sunshine.

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Adoption is a journey filled with lots of unknowns. If you have an uplifting personal experience with adoption we'd love to have you share it with us! Feel to comment on a post, private message, or email us! 


Costs associated with growing a family through adoption varies. Thus far, we have been blessed with an amazing support group. However every bit helps. If you feel you would like to donate please use Venmo. (use Adoption Fund in comments)

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