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Dear Birth Mother,

We appreciate you taking the time to hear our story and we cannot wait to learn about yours.  We want you to know that we recognize this journey for you has not been easy and we can only imagine the love you have for your child.  Through this website we hope you have come to know how grateful we are for the miracle of adoption and the choice you are making. 


Our relationship is founded with God as the center of our lives,  We know that He will help comfort and guide us all as we navigate this journey together.  Your child will be loved by many and given opportunities to succeed in any way he or she chooses.  With a home full of fun and laughter, the adventures are endless. Your child will know they are loved every single day and be provided with a safe and stable environment to foster their unique talents and gifts.  We promise to dedicate our lives to making sure your child knows who they are, why they are here, and how special they are to you too . May you always remember you are loved and admired. We look forward to hearing from you! 



 Colton and Jenna 

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